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Founded by Edmond "POP" Roffler in 1958

The Roffler Training Academy

The Roffler European Razor Cutting Method is unique. It is not like other razor cutting techniques. The Roffler Method is an approach to hair cutting and design using a razor to shape and correct hair in its natural form. Our method allows the professional stylist to design a hairstyle with precision cutting and texturing with superb balance. The Roffler Method is a total approach to hair design that focuses on understanding and mastering every step in the process of hair cutting and design. The Method teaches you proven cutting techniques, step by step. It truly defines the professional's skills in styling and finishing the cut. By studying and mastering the Roffler European Razor Cutting Method, you will make the most of your talents as an artist and designer. You will increase your value to your clients as well as build and expand your business in the years to come.

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